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At Clothes Range

September 22, 2015

FashionART's 10th anniversary show introduces a new generation of designers on the edge

Tucked neatly nexy to the Public Storage facilities across the street from the Tannery Arts Center, the sidewalk in front of the rust-colored MichaelAngelo Gallery is not particularly wide, nor unusually high. The adjoining parking lot doesn't look nearly large enough to hold a renegade fashion show with 450 attendees either, but 10 years ago, gallery owner Angelo Grova made it hallen - and with it created the most extravagant art-meets-fashion event in Santa Cruz: FashionART.

Each year since its debut outside MiachalAngelo Gallery, FashionART has filled the Civic Auditorium's 1,900 seats, and Grova is proud of what the show has become.

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FashionART Santa Cruz celebrates its 10th year

September 27, 2015

At FashionART Santa Cruz - which celebrated its tenth anniversay Saturday evening at the Civic Auditorium - artists and designers explore the most outlandish possibilites of their creative craft, creating outfits that incorporate materials such as industrial metals, recycled plastics, LED lights and even trash.

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FashionART 2015

September 28, 2015

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Fashion Artwear Contest

July 15, 2014

FashionARTsantacruz and Good Times annual call for entries

Is fashion your creative outlet? Do you have a sewing machine on stand-by? When others see a pile of candy wrappers do you think: 'scarf'?

If so, submit your original fashion design and your fanciful creation could be on the runway at the 9th Annual FashionARTsantacruz fashion show on Saturday, September 20 at the Civic Auditorium.

Good Times' readers will decide.

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Let Them Eat Fashion

September 25, 2013

Fashion and art merge together in one of the most festive artistic events of the season.

Behold: FashionArt Santa Cruz 2013.

The definition of strut: "To display in order to impress others."

You often find models doing just that on the catwalk. People seem to dig it—so much so that the fashion industry shoves billions of dollars annually into a bevy of magazines, advertisements, television programs and fashion shows. (Some $400 billion according to the latest tally.) Santa Cruz may not be on the receiving end of those billions, but where it may be lacking financially, it makes up in creativity, which, when you ponder it, can't really be measured in dollars. It is, after all, an immeasurable wealth all its own.

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What the Fash?

September 19, 2012

A look inside fashionART Santa Cruz 2012

It doesn’t take much to convince Santa Cruz residents to dress up—at least in the costumed sense. Any week here could look like Monday, Tuesday, Burning Man, Renaissance Faire, Halloween, Saturday, Sunday (rest, repeat). We will gladly don rabbit ears, a feathered mask or a tablespoon of glitter at the drop of a hat, and fly our freak flag at the most public of venues. However, translate that same practice to a night on the town, or, heaven forbid, daily workaday expression, and many among us tend to be guilty of choosing between “dressy” or “casual” flip-flops. (There’s also the classic barometer, that is thankfully becoming passé, but still bears repeating, if for no other reason than as a cautionary tale: a trip to Shadowbrook Restaurant = wear long pants. Most other destinations = anything goes.)

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Birth of a Wearable Art Ball

October 26, 2011

MAH’s bold Halloween outing promises to be a visual trea

Give a Santa Cruzan a reason to don a costume and he or she will not disappoint—the chimerical and freakish are celebrated on the streets of downtown each Halloween in all their outlandish splendor. As if Halloween alone were not reason enough, this year marks the first ever Wearable Art Ball at the Museum of Art & History (MAH), with the easy-to-work-with theme, Fractured Fairy Tales. Imagine the modern open space as a blank canvas on which to paint a whimsical Halloween portrait the Brothers Grimm would be proud of—the idea is simply a match made in, well … Santa Cruz.

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Slide show: Dazzling duds at FashionART runway show

September 26, 2011

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Fashion Forward

September 21, 2010

FashionART Santa Cruz Runway Show may be the most enchanting fashion spectacle in town
The style conscious among us have just spent the last few days reveling in the razzle-dazzle of the New York Fashion Week runway shows that stream oh so glamorously across the Internet. We have been accosted with everything from Derek Lam’s ’60s-inspired minimalism to Charlotte Ronson’s ladylike grunge, the likes of which have been touted as the new staples we simply must possess in our closets come spring 2011. But as the ostentatious hullabaloo of New York Fashion Week dies down, what is a fashion-minded girl to do without the prospect of another runway show until the London Fashion Week commences in mid-October? Local fashionistas need not resort to a three-week period of melancholy because Santa Cruz has a chic extravaganza of its own to fill the gap.

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Great Video featured on SoWat TV

September 11, 2010

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